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99.9% BIOAVAILABILITY - That’s the HYPO Advantage!

99.9% BIOAVAILABILITY - That’s the HYPO Advantage!

HYPO by Eirtree is our exciting new natural skin spray product line that utilizes our advanced patented technology to deliver triple-tested, high-potency formulas at an astonishing 99.9% bioavailability ratio. That’s vastly superior to the rate of typical delivery methods such as oral pills or lotions. 

In fact, when you read a vitamin or mineral pill bottle label claiming to contain 100% of the daily recommended dosage, it doesn’t tell you your body only absorbs a fraction of that amount. To achieve a genuine 100% dose, vitamin and supplement users have begun the unwise practice of “megadosing” — ingesting vastly more than the recommended dose. Part of the reason for this fad is because both manufacturers and consumers realize how inefficient oral delivery really is, so they attempt to guess how much to ingest in order to reach the target absorption result. That’s not only wasteful, but it’s also bad for your health and your budget. 

Eirtree side steps such problems by simply utilizing the best delivery method, by taking advantage of your body’s largest organ — your skin. Just spray on and rub in!

Did you know skin makes up 16% of our total body mass? 

As the gateway between the outside physical world and our internal systems, our skin has many jobs to do. It not only protects us from germs and solar radiation, but it also helps regulate our internal temperature by allowing us to sweat through our pores so we don’t overheat. Those pores are a two-way street; they don’t just excrete liquids, they can absorb them, too! That’s what makes it the perfect nutrient delivery system. 

Eirtree’s HYPO skin spray technology has been developed and refined over a 20-year span so that it’s as streamlined, efficient, and effective as possible. Led by inventor and chemist Ken Kirby, our team has diligently researched how our skin functions in order to develop a science-based product that works with the body to harness natural functionality. 

Our Current Good Manufacturing Practice-certified, Florida-based facility proudly manufactures clean, green HYPO skin spray using only the finest ingredients sourced for their quality and efficacy. We exceed CGMP and comply with all FDA guidelines via rigorous and continuous auditing and reviews of our raw ingredient suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring you, our valued customers, are getting only the best quality product to put on your skin. We also maintain complete batch manufacturing records so that everything we ship is 100% traceable. 

Our uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation has helped us create and bring innovative new products like HYPO by Eirtree to market. We’re insanely excited to share this new passion project with the world and are sure that once you experience the HYPO Advantage for yourself, you’ll see what all the commotion is about!  


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