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A True Test from Two Survivors

A True Test from Two Survivors

How Eirtree Health’s products dig deeper than the surface for their consumers.

While Eirtree’s mission isn’t to reinvent the wheel, it is aiming to develop a new engine – one that is faster, cleaner and easier for the driver. This is a brand that has re-envisioned how we consume popular health and wellness products, from their dedication to ingredient purity, to their advanced delivery technology backed by years of clinical studies. Its no surprise that the stories and experiences of their customers are held to the highest regard while developing their products. They genuinely want this stuff to work for you. 

Meet Jane K., a Hypo CBD user from the mountains of North Carolina. She’s a 69 year old woman who is battling fibromyalgia, a disorder characterized by widespread muscle pain, fatigue and brain fog. While her demeanor is sweet and reserved, Jane has been tirelessly fighting both fibromyalgia and the side effects of OxyContin, a highly addictive and strong pain management drug, for over 25 years.

When Jane began utilizing the Hypo spray technology, she described that, “within days [her] pain level dropped from a six to eight, to a two to three.” She also noted that within that first week she was able to sleep a full, restful seven hours, which gave her the energy to take on the day. Her Hypo CBD routine was two sprays, twice per day. After one week, Jane felt as though she was ready to try weaning off of the OxyContin she’d been dependent on for 25 years to, “be free from it, and also be pain free at the same time.” After just a few weeks using Eirtree’s spray technology, Jane successfully set aside OxyContin and uses Hypo CBD to manage her fibromyalgia pain. “Its just been an amazing transition for my life.”

Another warrior who put Hypo spray to the test is Arlene R., a 65-year-old breast cancer survivor from Florida. She leads a very active lifestyle, feeding and tending to the horses in her barn daily. Arlene underwent multiple surgeries to achieve remission, resulting in a medication regimen that causes chronic joint pain and isolating insomnia. 

A friend and fellow cancer survivor recommended Hypo CBD spray to Arlene, who tried it the very same night. She experienced an immediate response to the spray, saying she felt relaxed. When it came to falling asleep that night, Arlene says, “When I put my head on the pillow, I kind of took a deep breath, and was able to fall asleep within a matter of ten to fifteen minutes,” a huge improvement from the typical two to three hours. 

Not only did the effects of Hypo CBD work for her, but the revolutionary spray technology made it possible for her to enjoy the product. One of the biggest benefits, Arlene remarked: “my intestinal issues are gone, because it’s a spray that goes through my skin.”

To be able to improve the daily lives of people who are fighting battles with chronic pain, immune or vitamin deficiencies, insomnia, and more is the true heartbeat of Eirtree Health. These products work hard for consumers, and endlessly seek to help them live their healthiest lives.


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