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Eirtree’s Mission & Mentality

Eirtree’s Mission & Mentality

Meet Long Vu and Nathan Apffel, co-founders of EirTree Health
The EirTree Health story begins even before co-founders Long and Nathan joined forces to bring their vision to life. A few years back, hemp products began to gain popularity and clout within the health and wellness industry, but with little to no standardization across product labeling, dosing, application methods, etc. While it was widely recognized that hemp is all-in-all a “good thing”, there was a gap in information and transparency when it came to real life application. 
Long and Nathan realized that hemp’s implication could be incredibly beneficial to those struggling with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. Unfortunately, its benefits are diminished when using a product that isn’t both effective in its delivery and high in quality. Their message to consumers is simple – those whose quality of life could be improved deserve products designed around efficiency and effectiveness. This led to the creation of their first product, HYPO CBD. 
HYPO CBD led to a much grander realization: the technology used to deliver their product to the body has the capability to revolutionize the way we use health and wellness products today. The co-founders expanded this realization to launch multiple products at EirTree Health.  
The company stands on three main pillars: technology, product purity, and transparency.
Long and Nathan’s intention is not only to make the best product on the market, but also to push the envelope for technology used within the heath and wellness industry as a whole. In May 2020, EirTree Health launched a series of new products in both the vitamin and hemp space.
These new products hold purity and transparency as essential factors in achieving their high quality and effectiveness. At EirTree Health’s inception, Long and Nathan first sought to fill a problematic void in absorption quality in the health and wellness space. To do so, they honed in on three key elements: transparent manufacturing, pure ingredients and effective delivery. All their products are manufactured to cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practice) standards regulated by the FDA. Under cGMP, ingredients in every product are verified, validated and tested for purity. The purity of the products paired with their revolutionary delivery technology puts EirTree Health into another category entirely. 
EirTree uses a clinically proven and patented delivery technology to solve the problem that hemp lotions/oils and other health-related products pose: How much of the active ingredient is actually getting into the body? In the case of EirTree product’s delivery, the active ingredient is efficiently passed through the skin, and goes to work within the body. 
EirTree’s delivery technology opens the door to transform the way we consume health products entirely. While HYPO CBD is the first example of this technology, Long and Nathan believe the implications stretch far beyond hemp. The company utilizes their unique science to create their product lines, all the while maintaining the values that initially set them apart in the CBD industry. 
Long and Nathan’s pursuit of pushing the science behind health products to the next level is paired with the effort to make this all very easy for the consumer, which anyone with an active lifestyle can appreciate. Buy online, spray on your skin and have full confidence that the people and technology behind the brand are committed to doing good. 


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