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Live Hypo Lifestyle

Live Hypo Lifestyle

How Live Hypo transcends the average heath and wellness lifestyle.

Lifestyles are mostly defined by activities or mentalities that shape our routines and social circles. They can be influenced by fitness regimens, eating habits, academic endeavors, family life, religious practices, and more. In the health and wellness industry, we hear most often about practicing a lifestyle that encompasses physical exercise, proper diet, disciplined routines, and improving mental health. While Eirtree’s line of hypo spray vitamins and nutrients are no-brainers for the typical healthy lifestyle crowd, they also break the traditional mold and move between constructs.

The basic pillars of Eirtree Health (transparency, purity, and scientific innovation) can identify closely with lifestyles centered around sustainability, academia, clean living, holistic medicine, etc. Live Hypo weaves itself into robust daily routines – no matter the definition. 

A few things that make these products so adaptive to different lifestyles is their ability to travel with us. All bottles are temperature independent, left unaffected by a hot car or backpack at the beach. They are TSA approved to fit in carry on luggage so they’re always conveniently close by, and the spray on technology is a quick and discrete application that works within minutes. 

A vitamin that comes in such a compact bottle is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast who uses Hypo Vitamin D to maintain bone strength. Its quick absorbing technology benefits the college student who uses Hypo B12 to stay sharp in their classes. Hypo Vitamin C boosts the constant plane hoppers immunity, indifferent to the workaholic and nomadic lifestyles they might represent. High stress lifestyles like busy parents or night-shift nurses beg for sleep support from Hypo Melatonin and anxiety relief from Hypo Hemp. The product line allows anyone, no matter their mentality, to move their health and wellness in a positive direction.

The goal of Live Hypo is to create a support system to help you live your best life. While, of course, the improvement to your health is important, its also crucial to feel confident in the way you conduct your lifestyle. Eirtree Health’s commitment to cGMP manufacturing standards {link to blog1} promises that all vitamin and nutrient products are verified, validated and tested for purity. Their hypo spray technology offers a no-waste delivery system and an accurate dose from each spray. The molecular technology is backed by years of research and clinical studies from world leading scientific advisors, which means its safe and effective. These are all facts that adhere to anyone’s life guidebook – honest and good nutrients made by a trustworthy health and wellness company. Live Hypo means moving in a direction that makes feeling good a priority in your day. 


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