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Stephanie S.

Personal trainer, nutritionist, mother of 3

"Vitamins generally upset my stomach. Hypo B12 is a great alternative! So happy with the results."

Paul E.

Wing foiler, wind surfer

"Love the subscription option so it just shows up. Solid product. Makes my joints feel young again!"

Oral ingestion VS. Skin Spray

Oral ingestion VS. Skin Spray
Whether you fall into the “healthy looking to stay healthy” or “hoping to improve health” category, there is one things everyone can agree on – the vitamins and nutrients you take need to work for you, and work well. Purchasing health and wellness products that are ineffective and low in quality can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day, especially for a person with an illness. The only thing more painful to waste than money is time.

A True Test from Two Survivors

A True Test from Two Survivors
Not only did the effects of Hypo CBD work for her, but the revolutionary spray technology made it possible for her to enjoy the product. One of the biggest benefits, Arlene remarked: “my intestinal issues are gone, because it’s a spray that goes through my skin.”

Through Thick and Skin

Through Thick and Skin
Eirtree’s spray technology delivers vitamins and nutrients through the skin at a rate that is 99.9% as effective as a straight injection. This avoids “first pass metabolism” entirely, and works quickly too. Eirtree’s products are recorded to deliver 99.9% through the skin within one minute – much faster than orally administered supplements and without debates we have with a pill: morning vs evening, empty vs full stomach, etc. 


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