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Stephanie S.

Personal trainer, nutritionist, mother of 3

"Vitamins generally upset my stomach. Hypo B12 is a great alternative! So happy with the results."

Paul E.

Wing foiler, wind surfer

"Love the subscription option so it just shows up. Solid product. Makes my joints feel young again!"

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

Are your health and wellness products going the extra mile? Are they even in the race?

Take a moment to think about all the vitamins and supplements you’ve tried in an effort to better your health – capsules, pills, lotions, tinctures, serums, scrubs, you name it. Maybe they live in a cabinet above the sink, or they’re lined up next to the coffeemaker as a reminder to stay on top of your daily regimen. The reality is, most of these products we use to boost our overall health rely on methods of delivery that aren’t exactly effective. In a society shifting towards sustainability and efficiency, shouldn’t our health and wellness products follow suit?

A 2017 study focused on the bioavailability of supplements explains the long and difficult journey those pills or capsules must go through in order to be absorbed into our cells. Supplements that are taken orally most commonly must be swallowed, digested in the stomach, absorbed by the GI tract, metabolized in the liver and finally, sent to the cells where they are needed. During that arduous process only a fraction of the active ingredient is delivered to the system because of a phenomenon called the “first pass effect”, or “first pass metabolism”.

This isn’t only true for pills and capsules, but also for supplements administered via tinctures and oils. Take CBD oil, a product that is recognized by the health and wellness industry as a solution for inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, etc. A 2018 study conducted by the The World Health Organization suggests that the oral delivery of CBD oil only absorbs into your bloodstream at a rate of 6% due to significant first pass metabolism. That means 94% of the active ingredient goes to waste, as well as a big chunk of the money you spent investing in your health.

EirTree Health products solve for the major limitations that average supplements or vitamins have. Not only is a portion of the average product wasted, but in turn, this is a waste of money for the consumer. EirTree believes that if you’re investing physically and financially in your health, you deserve a product that can promise the specifics: high and efficient absorption rate, exact dosage per use, and a low-waste financial investment.

The skin spray technology used by EirTree’s products is scientifically complex, but for the user, extremely easy and reliable. Since these supplements don’t need to pass through multiple organs, interact with our gut biomes, and find their way to the tissue cells in need, EirTree products have bypassed the first pass effect, ushering in a new revolutionary way to take and enjoy vitamins, nutrients and more.

This revolutionary delivery method has the ability to absorb via a single spray on the skin with a 99.9% uptake. There is virtually zero waste associated with EirTree’s spray technology. Each spray has a calculated dosage, absorption rate, and reliable price per dose. 

EirTree Health’s spray on technology is changing the way we improve our daily health routines by taking the mystery out of vitamins and supplements. The ease of use and complete transparency of the brand allow for total confidence while using the products, unlike the bottles gathering dust in your cabinets. Let’s move forward with the rest of the world – less waste, more efficient lifestyles.

Eirtree’s Mission & Mentality

Eirtree’s Mission & Mentality
EirTree uses a clinically proven and patented delivery technology to solve the problem that hemp lotions/oils and other health-related products pose: How much of the active ingredient is actually getting into the body? In the case of EirTree product’s delivery, the active ingredient is efficiently passed through the skin, and goes to work within the body. 


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