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Stephanie S.

Personal trainer, nutritionist, mother of 3

"Vitamins generally upset my stomach. Hypo B12 is a great alternative! So happy with the results."

Paul E.

Wing foiler, wind surfer

"Love the subscription option so it just shows up. Solid product. Makes my joints feel young again!"

99.9% BIOAVAILABILITY - That’s the HYPO Advantage!

99.9% BIOAVAILABILITY - That’s the HYPO Advantage!
In fact, when you read a vitamin or mineral pill bottle label claiming to contain 100% of the daily recommended dosage, it doesn’t tell you your body only absorbs a fraction of that amount. To achieve a genuine 100% dose, vitamin and supplement users have begun the unwise practice of “megadosing” — ingesting vastly more than the recommended dose.

Vitamin C and The Pirate Code

Vitamin C and The Pirate Code
The high seas, mutiny, and Davy Jones’ Locker might come to mind when you think of a pirate’s worst fear, but the true peril aboard these cursed ships was something much different…scurvy. This disease was a pirate’s right of passage during the sixteenth century when their long voyages often had little to no fresh food – most importantly: no lemons, limes or oranges (equivalent to gold on the open sea). Scurvy is brought on by a severe Vitamin C deficiency causing loss of teeth, swelling, sores, and likely a walk off the plank. 

Vitamin D Reduces Risk Surrounding COVID-19

Vitamin D Reduces Risk Surrounding COVID-19

Vitamin D has been making headlines as a tool to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections and deaths. Eirtree’s dedication to advancing science, as well as producing the most effective vitamins and supplements on the market, makes them uniquely qualified to play a role in the education of preventative measures for the novel virus.


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