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Vitamin C and The Pirate Code

Vitamin C and The Pirate Code

The high seas, mutiny, and Davy Jones’ Locker might come to mind when you think of a pirate’s worst fear, but the true peril aboard these cursed ships was something much different…scurvy. This disease was a pirate’s right of passage during the sixteenth century when their long voyages often had little to no fresh food – most importantly: no lemons, limes or oranges (equivalent to gold on the open sea). Scurvy is brought on by a severe Vitamin C deficiency causing loss of teeth, swelling, sores, and likely a walk off the plank. 

We’ve come along way over the past few centuries. Life looks a lot different, and so does our access to vital nutrients like Vitamin C. We now know what it looks like when we consume zero or very little Vitamin C (e.g. peg-leg pirates), but how exactly does Vitamin C benefit our bodies when we have it regularly?

The function of Vitamin C in our bodies, according to the NIH, covers a ton of ground when it comes to supporting our system’s natural process. It helps repair wounds and connective tissue through the synthesis of collagen, it is a powerful antioxidant that limits damage from free radicals that cause disease, it helps us absorb iron from plant-based foods, and its extremely important to our immune systems. 

Let’s hone in on two of these essential roles: antioxidant and immune function. 

Vitamin C as an antioxidant helps us fight against (anti) the threat of free radicals (oxidants) within our bodies that, when gone unregulated, can wreak havoc on the building blocks of our bodies – DNA, proteins and lipids. If the free radicals overpower the antioxidants, a number of human diseases can be triggered like cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, inflammatory disease, etc. Vitamin C isn’t naturally produced in our bodies; therefore, it is absolutely vital to our health to consume it daily in order to regulate the potentially chaotic behavior of free radicals. 

Vitamin C is probably most well known for its ability to protect our immune system against illness like head colds or the flu, although that might be a humble claim to its defense efforts. “Immunity in Depth” by Oregon State University details that Vitamin C fires up our white blood cell production (which attack bacteria and viral intruders), and studies have shown Vitamin C increases levels of antibodies. Its presence is beneficial to all the surrounding mechanics of immunity, including the defense against pathogens and regeneration of Vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant. 

Even the crudest of pirates would agree that a daily dose of around 40-120 mgs of Vitamin C is what keeps our immune systems afloat. In addition to a healthy diet, you’re thinking Vitamin C pills or packets will keep the scurvy at bay, right? Well…not exactly. So here is a question: if our daily dose of vitamin C should be around 40-120mgs, why are our pills and powders much larger, usually around 2000-3000mgs?

If you’re familiar at all with “first pass metabolism”, the bodily process that prevents a high percentage of oral vitamins and nutrients from actually reaching our system, it makes sense that most Vitamin C pills/powders need to be 2000-3000mg per pill to find your daily dose of 40-120mgs of Vitamin C. 

Going with the theme here, imagine being a pirate on a ship with 30 oranges on board. A big wave tosses the boat (first pass metabolism) and spills 29 overboard. This is basically what is happening when you take oral vitamin C. A lot of waste, and only one orange out of 30 left to actually enjoy.

Here’s the modern day solution: Eirtree’s skin spray technology. It allows you to supplement your routine and diet with Vitamin C easily and effectively. They have worked diligently on the application technology, partnering with professionals from the pharmaceutical industry to ensure safety, purity and efficacy of their products. Each “click” of the spray nozzle carries Vitamin C across the skin, and delivers it into the body with accuracy, so it can quickly get to work defending our bodies.

Each application is a step toward a healthier, tougher immune system. 


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