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We believe that the driving force behind a vibrant life is the ability to change and transform many times over a lifespan. Our name represents a delicate balance between self-preservation and positive change. 

Eir: [ air ] a goddess in Norse mythology symbolizing protection, health, and mercy, is known for her ability to heal bodily ailments. Tree: a celebrated symbol of growth – the crucial ingredient to a life well lived. 

Our mission is to supply vital nutrients and vitamins that protect us from illness, while using technology to adapt to the ever-changing world around us. 

Eirtree is an opportunity to cultivate a fuller, healthier, more confident life. 


Our mission is to advance science through products that help balance and support people's lifestyles. By collaborating with scientific leaders in the field of Skin Spray delivery and health, Eirtree provides future innovations to health solutions you can use today.  

“Eirtree strives to provide, through advanced science, products that make an impact in the quality of our daily lives.“ 

Long Vu | Co-founder & CEO


Traditional skin creams and oral pills both come with severe limitations due to how the human body functions. With over 20 years of scientific research and clinical studies, the HypoSpray delivery technology offers a pharmaceutical-grade guideline for delivering molecules into the body across the skin.  Our belief is that people will benefit from this clinically proven delivery technology. Eirtree is creating a new category of products by translating this advanced innovation into health products people can use today. 

“Our skin spray technology gives the ability for a more effective and efficient future.“ 

Nathan Apffel | Co-founder & VP of Marketing & Sales


Eirtree's core belief is in products backed by scientific research. We have a product pipeline in various stages,  world leading scientific advisors in the field of skin spray delivery, partnerships with HypoSpray Pharma, GMP Manufacturers and much more. Our commitment to providing innovative health products is accomplished by scientific research.