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We want to show the world why our technology is so revolutionary, and let you experience it first hand!

If for some reason you were not satisfied with our product(s) within 30 days of purchase, follow the below steps to receive a full refund for the price of products purchased excluding shipping.

1. Reach out at support@eirtree.com and let us know about your experience with our product.

We are interested in understanding why you did not enjoy the Hypo skin spray, and our goal is to remedy the situation!

2. Ship back to our address below:

Attention: Eirtree Returns
1550 Wewatta St 300
Denver, CO 80202
(800) 849-8102

3. Once we receive the package, we will refund the original purchase.

DISCLAIMER: The product purchased must be at least 50% unused when returned.

To modify or cancel your subscription:

1. Go into your member subscription portal https://account.eirtree.com/login#/ 
2. Submit a modification or cancel subscription ticket
3. Your submission will be processed
4. You will receive a notification via email 
5. Prepare your return product if as shown above